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Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 100C HV LiPo Review: Extra Boost for your Racing Drone

When I review niche products like this Tattu R-Line 4s HV LiPo battery, it is very hard to find an exciting introduction. I already rewrote the first sentence three times and still didn’t find something satisfying…


In nutshell, LiHV batteries are like nitro for racing cars. While standard LiPo packs can be charged with up to 4.2V/cell, the Tattu R-Line HV LiPo allows you to charge it up to 4.35V per cell safely. Consequently a standard fully charged 4s LiPo has 16.8V and a HVLi has 17.4V. Furthermore, theoretically, LiHV can store more energy than LiPo per unit of weight.

In addition to the higher voltage, the Tattu 4S1P High Voltage Lipo Battery Pack comes with ultra high discharge rate of 100C.

Tattu R-line 100C, 4S, High Voltage Li-Po battery review

Disclosure: I received this HV LiPo pack as part of a product review collaboration with Gens Ace. Although the battery was offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the partner.

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery first look

As usual for Gens Ace, battery comes well packed with charging plug protector and safety instruction. At first look, no visual difference between the standard 95C and the HV 100C LiPo pack.

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery

Battery pack measures around 75 x 35.5 x 33 mm (L, W, H) and weights 163 grams. Size and weight is comparable to other LIPOs with same capacity.

Core features and technical specs

  • Designed for professional racing drones;
  • Higher max voltage than standard LiPo packs (4.35v/cell instead of 4.2/cell);
  • Better storage capacity than comparable size packs;
  • No memory effect;
  • Minimum of 1300 mAh storage capacity;
  • 4 cells of 3.8v. Total voltage of 15.2V;
  • Ultra high discharge rate of 100C;
  • Max Burst discharge Rate: 200C;
  • JST-XH charging plug;
  • XT60 discharge (drone) plug;
  • Net Weight: 163 grams (±20g);
  • Dimensions: 75 x 35.5 x 33 mm (L, W, H).

You might wonder to over-charge a normal LiPo to higher voltage like this Tattu 100C HV allows. My suggestion would be DON’T even try it! It would dramatically shorten your LiPo’s life or even cause fire.

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review

If you are using mixed type of LIPOs (normal and HVLi), also keep in mind to always check the charger’s end voltage. It needs to be manually set according to your LIPO battery type. Chargers are unable to detect whether you have plugged in high voltage or regular LiPo.

Tattu High Voltage Li-Po battery review: Test

Prior to my test, I performed a Break-in procedure, which is recommended for new LIPOs. This?consists in 5 gentle charging/discharge cycles.

Recently, I received a QUAD PORT RC charger for review, which is not just compatible with HV LIPOs, but also can charge simultaneously 4 types of battery. I also ordered a thermal probe, which allowed me to monitor the LiHV battery’s temperature during charging/discharging.

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review charging

As you can see in the comparison table bellow, the HV 100C finished the charging process with higher storing capacity. The end voltage was also higher with 0.6 volt compared to standard LiPo. Both batteries remained?cold (~21 °C) during the charge.

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review data

For the real world test, I used my FuriBee GT 215 drone, which can be powered from 4s to 6s LIPOs. Due to the poor weather conditions I managed to have only two short test flight (one with each type of LiPo). Frankly, I found only a slight difference between regular and the LiHV. Performance increase was negligible, at least for me. If you really need higher speed, it is smarter to switch from 4s to 5s (of course if your drone accepts it).

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review test

Those who need advantages of a high voltage LiPo battery, this one can be ordered with 15% off from here (delivery from both, US and EU, is available).

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review verdict


  • Higher voltage than regular LiPo;
  • 100C, ultra high discharge rate;
  • More power on same weight.


  • Needs dedicated charger.

Best Gens Ace RC Car Batteries For Axial Wraith Rock Racer

As we know, Axial Racing is well known for their scale trucks and rock crawlers. A few year ago, they have released electric truck, the Wraith rock racer. A high quality product, durability and exceptional off road capabilities to attract many drivers. Why Axial Wraith rock racer is popular? Let us see…

Axial Wraith Features:

Chassis: Full tube composite construction with composite skid-plate
Drive: Four wheel shaft with splined plastic slider and screw shaft for a more positive lock to the output shaft
Radio: AX-3 2.4GHz 2-channel with throttle and steering reverse and trim, metal gear steering servo and waterproof receiver box.
Motor: 20T
ESC: AE-2 forward and reverse with drag brake
Transmission: Steel output gears and slipper clutch equipped, upgradable for three function Dig feature
Differentials: Locked type with easy access for rebuilding and maintenance
Suspension: Four link
Shocks: Oil-filled with silicone diaphragms and bushings and 3.5mm titanium nitride coated shafts.
Cockpit: Console and gauge detail with licensed Corbeau LG1 race seats
Battery Tray: Sized for 6-cell 7.2V standard stick packs or 2S LiPo pack up to 1.8″ (47mm) wide, 5.9″ (150mm) long, 1.1″ (28mm) high
Wheels: 8-spoke 2.2″ Raceline Renegade black and chrome, 12mm hex mount
Lights: Four front and two rear with 14 included light buckets that hold 3mm and 5mm lights (additional LEDs not included)

Axial Wraith battery

Axial Wraith Battery:

The great trucks need more great power. Today, we also recommend the best Axial Wraith battery for RC car fans.
Most of Gens ace RC car lipo batteries are suitable for Axial Wraith, such as 5000mAh 2S to 7200mAh 2S, perfectly size for car battery tray. Make same hot deals list to you.

#1 Gens ace 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P Hard-Case Lipo Battery Pack 10#


– Minimum Capacity: 5000mAh
– Configuration: 2S1P / 7.4V / 2Cells
– Discharge Rate: 50C
– Max Burst discharge Rate: 100C
– Net Weight(±20g): 294g
– Dimensions: 138mm x 46mm x 24mm (L x W x H )
– Charge Plug: JST-XHR
– Discharge Plug: 4.0mm bullet to Deans

Compatible with:

Gens ace 5000mAh 50C 2S1P HardCase 7.4V Lipo Battery is the reliable power for 1/8 and 1/10 rc car hobby such as: Losi, Traxxas Slash, HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR Electric Buggy, Team Associated, Axial, Tamiya, Duratrax, Jammin, Redcat Racing, Exceed RC, ElectrixRC, Emaxx, Bandit, Rustler version, Kyosho GP 4WD Racing Truck etc.

#2 Gens ace 5000mAh 2S1P HardCase 100C 7.4V Lipo Battery Pack for Rc Cars #10 Racing Series


– Capacity: 5000mAh
– Voltage: 7.4V
– Discharge Rate: 100C
– Max Burst Discharge Rate: 200C
– Configuration: 2S1P
– Size: 139 x 47 x 25mm (L x W x H)
– Connector Type: 4.0mm bullet to Deans

Review - Gens Ace 2S 5000mAh HardCase 100C LiPo Battery

Remember Gens Ace batteries? Yes, that is the same company that won not one, but two, of our LiPo battery shootouts back in the day. Now days, they are cranking out batteries of all shapes and sizes to help keep your truck running as fast as it can.

It has been a while since we tested a Gens Ace pack, so we grabbed one of their 2S 5000 LiPo Batteries to put it through the gauntlet. Does it have plenty of power? What about runtime? Can it take a standard basher style beating? Read on to find out…

From: Gens Ace
Direct Link: RS 2S1P 5000 100C LiPo

Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery

Quick Specs:

  • Capacity – 5000mAh
  • Voltage – 7.4
  • Discharge Rate – 100C
  • Max Burst Discharge Rate – 200C
  • Cell Configuration – 2S1P
  • Net Weight – 305
  • Length – 139mm
  • Width – 47mm
  • Height – 25.1mm
  • Connector Type – 4.0mm bullet to Deans
  • Wire Gauge – 12
  • Balance Connector Type – JST-XHR

Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery

Set-Up Notes: We used the Gens Ace in a variety of vehicles to check out its power. The trucks used included an RC4WD Marlin Crawlers Edition TF2 RTR, a Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4, and a Losi SCTE.

Fit: The Gens Ace uses a standard sized case. This allows it to be used in a plethora of different bash oriented vehicles. As far as fit goes, we didn’t have an issue with the pack’s form factor. It fit excellent in all three of the trucks that we used it in. Because the Gens Ace uses bullet connectors at the case, that can cause issues in some tighter installs where height is limited (because of how the bullets stand up), otherwise, if your truck has a standard sized battery tray, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Power: Ya, this is what most people care about when looking at a battery pack. The Gens Ace we got for testing was a “normal” LiPo, meaning it was not a LiHV design. Its maximum voltage is set at 8.4 volts, just like every standard LiPo.

The heaviest load that we put on the Gens Ace was when using it in our Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4. The Pro-Line is a 4wd monster truck, which means it sports a whole lot more rotating mass than something like a 2wd buggy or touring car. When using the Gens Ace in our Pro-Line truck we noticed that we had some Serious power on tap. From a dead stop the Gens Ace provided some pretty spectacular torque (can you say wheelie monster?) and it kept on pulling like a beast until the motor ran out of gearing. Later we went on to use the pack in our SCTE and TF2. The Trail Finder 2 draws very little current, but we appreciated the pack’s solid power and runtime. In our SCTE, the Gens Ace also did a fantastic job of trying to blow all four tires off the rims.

We were not able to compare the Gens Ace directly with a brand new pack from another company. However, from memory we could just tell that the Gens Ace was certainly at no loss for yank.

Runtime: We measured capacity on our test pack at 5088mAh (on a 1C charge/discharge), which is a good thing. Too much over, or under, either means poor quality control or marketing shenanigans, thankfully the Gens was fairly close to spot on.

While driving, we received good runtimes with the pack. We saw around 18 minutes on our Castle powered SCTE, which is right where it should be compared to other packs we’ve driven it with.

Durability: Yes, we put the Gens Ace through our normal testing. It withstood several roof jumps, multiple hard slams, plus plenty of water action when we used it in our TF2. At the end of the review, the Gens Ace was still working fine, we experienced no issues of any type. Also, we are nearing 50 cycles on our test pack and it still puts out plenty of voltage while under a load, just like a good pack should.

Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery

Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery

Gens Ace RS Lipo Battery

Final Verdict: From our testing, it looks like Gens Ace has not lost a step from the days when they were winning our LiPo battery shootouts. We found the 100C Gens Ace 2S 5000 to be a solid battery pack. It put out great power, it had solid runtime, and it put up with our abuse without venting internally or dying. If you are in the market for a great quality, yet affordable, 2S LiPo, we think it is well worth your time to try out the Gens Ace.

What is in car emergency kit

As anyone who has ever broken down on the interstate, or even worse, on a rural back-road. There are few situations remotely as helpless and frustrating. Virtually all vehicles come with a basic car jack and spare tire, however, there are countless situations where these necessities are exceedingly useless.

There are plenty of tried-and-true tools to have at your disposal when you break down, and even a few lesser-known gadgets and tricks. With these helpful utilities, you’ll be able to stay cool under pressure, even if you are a little overheated under the hood. Here are xxxx essentials to pack in your car's emergency kit.

#1 Reflectors

One of the most dangerous aspects of being stuck on the side of the highway is the risk of collision with passing vehicles. Placing reflectors at successive distances behind your vehicle will help warn other drivers and create a buffer between your vehicle and oncoming traffic.

#2 First aid kit

If you're involved in a minor collision, having a first aid kit at your disposal is crucial. Be it a car accident or a misstep on the trail-head, gauze, bandages, antiseptics, and pain relievers are all handy items to have around during an accident.

#3 Power bank with a flashlight

The power bank with a flashlight is one of the most important items in any emergency kit. Whether you're changing a tire roadside or simply trying to flag down help, a little light can go a long way in an emergency. Power bank give your cellphone more juice power. Tattu 10400mAh power bank is good choice.

#4 Fire extinguisher

When dealing with combustibles such as gasoline, it's probably a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy. After a car crash, a small fire can escalate into a much bigger problem in no time.

#5 Ponchos

Breaking down is bad enough, but having to change a tire roadside in the rain is even more frustrating. While a basic poncho probably won't save your life during an emergency, it will certainly make your life easier if you need to walk a small stretch in the rain to find help.

#6 Stinger USB Emergency Tool

The Stinger USB Emergency Tool is certainly something to have at your disposal when things go awry. After a major accident, car doors and seat belts may be jammed. The Stinger packs a powerful punch to shatter the dashboard or nearest window allowing you to quickly exit the vehicle. The backside of the device incorporates a blade to cut through a malfunctioning seat belt as well.

#7 A Car Jump Starter

When you car battery bad, you can use jump starter to starter your car. Also most of jump starter include jumper cables, that are so great if there are other car nearby to give you a friendly jolt. The Tattu Car Jump Starter is one of the most reliable options on the market.

Anything else?


What is difference between X-Frame and H-Frame?

FPV quadcopter racing becomes more and more popular, most of pilots like to diy FPV drones, but many beginners are hesitant what they choose the FPV frame: H frame or X frame? What is difference between X frame and H frame?



H-frames as the name suggest form extended arms from the body that form a shape of the letter H. The H-frame drones were the first drones and have continued to become popular to many over the years. They boast of very strong but heavy frames, they are capable of carrying maximum lots of FPV gear and running a LiPo battery. They have a relatively wider base guaranteeing them stable rolls.
I would confidently say they are good if you are a starting FPV race due to the capability and durability factors especially the batteries of H-frame drone tend to last longer since their positioning ensures they are not easily damaged.
It also makes a suitable best drone frame for racing as it offers plenty of room for easy build and modifications.


X-frames stand out as the big names in racing and freestyle. Configured in an X shape that characterizes its arms it guarantees stability from the centralized center of gravity.
They comfortably perform stunts, rolls and flips. They are also characterized by a symmetrical pitch and roll axis.
Their battery is however more vulnerable in case of a crush due to its location at the base of the done.
X-frames are the best FPV racing frames due to flexibility and predictability in their handling.
H-frames may stand out for beginners in FPV racing but X-frames are rated the best drone frame for racing.
Other popular frames include the v-tail, hybrid X and stretched X frames that are modified for different capabilities and performances. A disadvantage of the unpopular racing drones is that they require custom motors and some parts. That could be a real hustle when you require replacements and spares.

The different frame you need to choose the different battery. For H frame, you'd better to choose long size batteries, such as Tattu 450mAh 2S or 3S or 4S 75C lipo batteries, they all fit H frame perfectly. For X frame, I recommend Tattu 1300mAh or 1550mAh 4s 95c square lipo batteries.

H frame batteries:

Tattu 450mAh 7.4V 75C 2S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug - Long Size for H Frame


Minimum Capacity: 450mAh
Configuration: 2S1P / 7.4V / 2 Cells
Discharge Rate: 75C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 150C
Net Weight(±20g): 37g
Dimensions: 61mm x 16mm x 15mm (L x W x H)
Charge Plug: JST-XHR-3P
Discharge XT30


Tattu 450mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug - Long Size for H Frame


Minimum Capacity: 450mAh
Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8V / 4 Cells
Discharge Rate: 75C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 150C
Net Weight(±20g): 58g
Dimensions: 64.5 x 16.5 x 27mm (L x W x H)
Charge Plug: JST-XHR-5P
Discharge Plug: XT30

Tattu 450mAh 11.1V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug - Long Size for H Frame


Capacity: 450mAh
Voltage: 11.1V / 3S / 3 Cell
Discharge Rate: 75C
Max Burst Discharge Rate: 150C
Weight: 45g
Size: 63mm x 16mm x 21mm (L x W x H)
Connector Type: XT30

They all applications:

Multirotor FPV, such as 150-sized micro H-frame quadcopter.

X frame battery:


Tattu R-Line 1550mAh 95C 4S1P Square lipo battery pack with XT60 Plug


Minimum Capacity: 1550mAh
Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8V / 4Cells
Discharge Rate: 95C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 190C
Net Weight(±20g): 178g
Dimensions: 49.5 x 49.5mm x 41.5mm (L x W x H)
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT60

Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C 4S1P Square lipo battery pack with XT60 Plug


Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh
Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8V / 4Cells
Discharge Rate: 95C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 190C
Net Weight(±20g): 162.5g
Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 37.2mm (L x W x H)
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT60

They all compatible with:

Best for X-Frame FPV! Also suitable for Nemesis 240 Mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS, HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270): ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H, QAV180/210/250, Danaus, Vortex 285, FLIP FPV FRAME, MOJO 280, drone and FPV etc.

Which battery for Mini FPV Drone: 2S or 3S?

Last week I received from Gens Ace two Li-Po batteries for review. The Tattu 2s 800 mAh and Tattu 3s 450 mAh. Firstly, I thought about making an individually test of each battery, but latter I found it more helpful to make a side by side comparison of them.

Both Li-Po batteries are suitable for micro class FPV drones like the Blade Torrent 110 and KingKong ET series. Weighing about the same (~42 grams), I'm curious to find out which one will perform better (top speed vs flight time).


For my tests I will use the KingKong ET125 drone, which weights about 120 grams and it is equipped with 4-in-1, 10 Amps ESC (2-3s rated) and?7500 KV brush-less motors. Roughly, the number before "KV"; represents RPM/Volt (under no load!), so higher battery voltage means more RPM, respectively higher speed.


Which battery is best for micro racing drones, 2s or 3s one?

Disclosure: I received these two LIPOs as part of a product review collaboration with Gens Tattu. Although the batteries were offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the partner.

Both batteries came well packaged and, as I requested, with JST discharge plug. While both LIPOs weights about 42 grams, they have a bit different form factor. As usual for Tattu batteries, they came half charged, about 3.82 V/cell.


Tattu 2s 800 mAh LiPo specs

  • Number of cells: 2 (2s);
  • Voltage: 7.4 V (3.7/cell);
  • Capacity: 800 mAh;
  • Max Continuous Discharge: 45C (36A);
  • Discharge Plug (drone side): JST-SYP-2P;
  • Max Burst Discharge: 90C (72A);
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 25.6 x 21 mm;
  • Weight: 42 grams.


As the stock battery of the KingKong ET125 has only 550mAh, I'm expecting at least 1 minute bonus of flight time for the extra 250mAh. Weight difference between 550mAh and 800mAh is about 7 grams only.


Tattu 3s 450 mAh LiPo specs

  • Number of cells: 3 (3s);
  • Voltage: 11.1 V (3.7/cell);
  • Capacity: 450 mAh;
  • Max Continuous Discharge: 45C (20.25A);
  • Discharge Plug (drone side): JST-SYP-2P;
  • Max Burst Discharge: 90C (40.5A);
  • Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 13 mm;
  • Weight: 41 grams.

Tattu 2s 800 mAh vs Tattu 3s 450 mAh

First off all, powering your drone with higher voltage batteries (like 3s instead of 2s) can produce permanent failure of electric parts. My suggestion is to check the "s" ratting of each individual component. For example, the motors and ESCs could be rated for 3s, but the VTX only for 2s.


After five charging/discharging cycles, I fully charged the batteries at 1 Amp. As you can see in the comparison table bellow, both LIPOs ended well balanced.

2S vs 3S

Real world test

Next day, with confidence I went out to do some real world test. Firstly, I loaded the 2s LiPo into the KingKong ET125. As you can see in the video bellow, due the strong wind gusts, my flight was pretty erratic, so the results are not too relevant. I need to repeat it in more calm day.

Although, KingKong clearly says that is risky to use 3S LiPo batteries with the ET125, it worked very well. I noticed some improvements, but you need to be a damn good pilot to take advantage of the extra speed provided by the Tattu 3S 450 mAh. IMHO, 7500 KV motors are just fine with 2s batteries, especially with a light weight frame.

Tattu's "Less is more" aka "Less weight, more flight time" slogan, proved to be pretty fair. While their 2s 800mAh LiPo has ~19.05 mAh/gram storing capacity, the 550 mAh Gaoneng LiPo has only ~15.71 mAh/gram. Compared to stock battery I got more than 1 minute extra flight time.


Final words

Whether you are looking for extra power for outdoor racing and freestyle or extended flight time for indoor practice Gens Ace Tattu has the proper battery for your micro FPV drone (Blade Torrent 110 / KingKong ET125). You can find the 2s 800 mAh for $9.99 and the 3s 450 mAh for $9.89. Free shipping to US is available for orders over $49.

GensTattu Cyber Monday Sale 2017

For the RC Hobby, the batteries are consumable. Most of pilots or drivers choose their RC lipo batteries on our official online shop:, because of we are have high quality and service on RC hobby groups. This Black Friday, we make the great discount on most of hot items. Do you miss Black Friday super sales? Don't worry, Cyber Monday is going on, with big discount and surprise. Today, we make a list for some hot items. It's convenience for you to choose. Let’s see.

Gens Ace 6000mAh 7.4V 70C 2S1P Hardcase Lipo Battery Pack 10# with 4.0mm bullet to Deans plug
$42.22 (Save $10.56)

Gens ace 6500mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 10# with 4.0mm bullet to Deans plug
$31.22 (Save $10.41)

They all specially designed for your 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale on road and off road car: Traxxas Slash, Emaxx, Bandit, Rustler version, HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR Electric Buggy, Kyosho GP 4WD Racing Truck etc.

Tattu 850mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 plug
$16.97 (Saving $1.89)

Tattu 850mAh 4S 75C battery suitable for 150mm, 180mm sizes FPV Quadcopters

Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery pack with XT60 plug
$19.99 (Saving $9.00)

Tattu 1300mAh suitable for Nemesis 240 Mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS, HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270), ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H, QAV180/210/250, Danaus, Vortex 285, FLIP FPV FRAME, MOJO 280, drone and FPV etc

Tattu Plus 16000mAh 6S1P 15C 22.2V Lipo Battery Pack with AS150+XT150 plug
$288.99 (Saving $51)

Tattu Plus 16000mAh 6s suitable for DJI S900, S1000, S1000+, OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD, Gryphon Dynamics X8, FreeFly CineStar 6, FreeFly CineStar 8 etc.

Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Smart Lipo Battery with AS150+XT150 plug
$284.8 (Saving $71.2)

Tattu Plus 2.0 18000mAh 6S battery suitable for agriculture spraying drone, pesticide spraying drone, farming drone, aerial photography drone, survey drone and some other Multirotors.

Gens ace 5000mAh 14.8V 45C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with Deans plug
$53.84 (Save $17.94)

Gens ace 5000mAh 3S1P 11.1V 45C Lipo Battery Pack with Deans plug
$40.38 (Save $13.46)

They all suitable for MIKADO LOGO500, ALIGN T-REX550/600, GAUI X5, Outrage 550, Hirobo SDX, etc.


Gens Ace Charging Safeguard 2-6S Charger Protector Auto Shut-Off Safety Charger Adapter Connector
$21.84 (Save $1.15)

Gens Ace Charging Safeguard 6S Charger Protector is designed for 2S-6S (nominal voltage 3.7V/cell) Lithium Polymer battery pack. It has several functions that allow for safe charging of a LiPo battery pack. And have more features, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection and high temperature protection etc.


Tattu 12000mAh 12V 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster Power Bank with LED Flashlight Version 2.0
$49.99 (Save $43.00) free shipping now.

- Car Jump Starter: Supply for 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel Up To 30 Times On A Single Charge.
- Power bank & Flashlight: Full charge laptops, smartphones, notebook, cigarette lighter. Build-in a useful Led flashlight.
- Safety Protection: Over charging protection, Current overuse protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection.


Tattu 3500mAh 14.4V Ni-MH Irobot Roomba 500/600/700/800/900 Series Replacement Battery Pack
$18.99 (Save $51.00) Buy 2 pack free shipping now.

- Tattu Professional Ni-MH Battery, easy install and use, high capacity for longer working time 1.5 to 3 hours after fully charge.
- Perfectly Designed for All iRobot Roomba Series. Such as iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 900 series vacuum cleaner robots.
- High-quality substitute for iRobot Xlife Extended Life battery with much lower price.

If you need more details, check here: