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Getting to Know Lipo Battery

lipo battery

Lipo technology is widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, and other personal electronics. When handled and used properly, Lipo batteries can be quite safe. Lipo batteries also offer a variety of distinct advantages over other sources of stored electrical potential.

High Energy Density - For their weight, Lipo batteries are capable of storing a proportionately high amount of energy in comparison with older technologies such as those found in NiCd and NiMH batteries. On many occasions, they offer ove 4 times the energy capacity for the weight.  

Flat Voltage Curve - Lipo cells are fully charged at 4.2 volts and are considered fully discharged at 3.0 volts. This allows for a relatively flat voltage discharge curve, providing solid performance throughout the discharge cycle.

No Memory Effect - Lipo cells do not develop a memory effect from being only partially discharged and then charged again (such as that experienced by NiCd cells). The cells may be partially charged and discharged without damaging their performance so long as they are kept within their normal operating voltage parameters.

Low Self Discharge - Unlike NiMH and NiCd batteries, Lipo cells have a very low rate of self-discharge when not in use. Lipo cells experience a self-discharge rate of approximately 5% per month, compared with over 30% per month and 20% per month in NiHM batteries and NiCd batteries respectively. This means that users can now fully charge their Lipo batteries one day and then use them weeks later, at which time they will still have nearly a full charge.

Continuous Discharge Rating (“C Rating”): The notation on Redline battery packs lists their continuous discharge rating in terms of the pack’s capacity “C”. For example:

A 1,000 mAh battery with a “20C” continuous discharge rating can be discharged continuously at a rate of 20 times its 1,000 mAh capacity without damaging the cell.

(1,000 mAh Capacity x 20 = 20,000mA = 20 Amps Continuous Discharge)

A 1,000 mAh battery with a “15C” continuous discharge rating can be discharged continuously at a rate of 15 times its 1,000 mAh capacity without damaging the pack.

(1,000 mAh Capacity x 15 = 15,000mA = 15 Amps Continuous Discharge)

Series Configurations - Individual Lipo cells have a nominal voltage (average operating voltage) of 3.7 volts per cell. Lipo cells are wired in series in packs to create the following voltages:

1 Cell = 3.7 V
2 Cells = 7.4 V
3 Cells = 11.1 V
4 Cells = 14.8 V
and so on...

Parallel Configurations – Multiple like Lipo packs, unlike NiCd and NiMH, can be wired in parallel to effectively create one, larger pack with the combined capacity of both packs. This also has the beneficial effect of splitting the current draw between each pack and thus enabling a higher current draw.  3.7v lipo battery pack with a 2,000 mAh capacity and could support an application where the total current draw was up to 30C (30 Amps).

For example, two 1,000 mAh Lipo cells with 15C continuous discharge ratings that were wired in parallel would create one

3S2P - This means that “3” cells are wired together in “S” series to create an 11.1 V pack and that “2” of  these three cell groups are wired in “P” parallel. This code could be read as “three cells in series times two groups in parallel”

2S1P - This means that “2” cells are wired in “S” series to create a 7.4 V pack and that only this “1” group of cells exists in the pack.  

1S 3P – Although an unlikely combination, a pack with this code would represent a 3.7 V pack consisting of single cells“1” wired together to create a pack of “3” cells wired in “P” parallel.

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