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Top 5 Benefits of Gens ACE Batteries

Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery has high power to weight ratio making it popular in electrical equipment and devices. Due to the compact size, weight and flexibility of remodelling in any shape and size, it is widely used in RC vehicles. Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) or drones are widely talked about for fun or by the military for special recon purposes. They come in different size and background according to its function. Manufacturers are always on the look to reduce weight to obtain more performance from the aircraft with the available power. In this case Li-Po battery is used for an electrically driven UAV.
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Pilot in command form the ground needs to know the amount of energy available in the battery to know the remaining flight time. A device must be integrated in the UAV to monitor the energy left and relay this information back to the ground. Power consumption varies with the change in the environment such as wind, temperature and also the flight time spent during climb, cruise and descent. Thus, it is essential to know the limit and capacity of a Lithium Polymer battery. 2 cell lipo battery is now the necessary battery for RC, buy one for you car now.
Gens ACE had very humble beginnings having been started out of a garage with the Gens Ace Temperature Monitor for nitro engines in 2001. In 2002 Gens ACE introduced it’s first NiMH and NiCD batteries. Back then, as is still true today, Gens Ace focuses on selling high quality LiPo batteries at realistic prices. Gens took on LiPo battery packs almost since the beginning when lipo rc car technology first began to make an impact on Radio Control vehicles about 7 years ago. Since then we’ve carried a variety of packs for all your RC needs big and small, land, sea and air. Gens have evolved with the technology in these few short years and the results show. Gens Ace are one of the top selling brands of rechargeable RC battery packs in North America and our products are found in more than 50 counties globally.
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Top 5 Pros of Gens Ace Batteries
The following top five benefits distinguish Gens batteries.
1. Gens Power Packs Have Patented Adaptability
Gens’s patented UNI plug makes its LiPo, NiMH, and LiFe battery packs are extremely versatile. Designed to handle even high-current battery power,the UNI plug for Atomik brand RCs comes with adaptors that fit Traxxas,Deans, Tamiya, and EC3 toys, making tricky, DIY soldering of adapter plugs unnecessary.
2. Soft Silicone Wire Leads for High Performance Power
Gens uses soft silicone wire connectors. Because they are flexible, they are easily adaptable to various installations in tight spaces. Silicone is resistant to temperature extremes, minimizing meltdown risk and frost damage should the RC toy be left outdoors.
3. Gens’s Limited Lifetime Battery Replacement Policy
A company’s warranty policy often indicates the quality of its products. Gens offers an impressive lifetime replacement plan on every rechargeable RC battery pack it sells. The manufacturer pledges to replace or repair defective products free within the first year after purchase. Thereafter, purchasers have the option to replace a power pack for a new one of the same description and receive a 30 percent discount on the original purchase price.
4. Gens’s Sizable Selection
Gens’s battery selection features dozens of choices to suit just about any RC or Airsoft power supply demand. With three different types of batteries plus plenty of package configurations, Gens’s catalog offers virtually all of the options available for RC hobbyists.
5. Connectable RC Batteries for More Power
When powering a larger RC, connecting Gens battery packs in a series multiplies the voltage. The manufacturer makes this easier in two ways. First, Gens sells battery-wiring harnesses that have plug-in connectors for hooking power packs together. Secondly, the company offers discounts on multiple packs of its batteries, making it less expensive to ramp up the power.
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