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How to Storage and Extend Your Lipo battery Life

Lithium polymer batteries (lipos) power our electric model airplanes. With sizable inventories of packs that represent a fair investment, getting the longest life out of our lipos is in our best interest. Two words: proper storage.
As lipo batteries age, their internal resistance rises. This causes the voltage to drop under load, reducing the maximum current that can be drawn.Additionally as lipos age, usable capacity is lost. Typically once a battery has lost 20% of its rated capacity it considered at the end of its useful life. It's a fact, lipos age and degrade even during non-use. What can we do to minimize these effects? Manage two factors that are totally in our control: cell storage voltage and storage temperature. At first, we can here recommend you Gens Ace RC car lipo. And we will introduce the Gens Ace battery storage for you.
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Storage Voltage:
A fully charged lipo cell is approximately 4.2 volts. Lipos are different from other battery chemistries as they should never be stored fully charged. Lipos should be stored approximately "half full". Many of the newer lipo balance chargers have a“Storage Mode” which charges the pack to the proper reduced voltage state for storage purposes. The popular FMA CellPro charger charges cells to 2s 7.4 v lipo battery in Storage Mode. Check your charger manual, some chargers can both discharge the pack and then charge up to the storage level, while others can only charge up to the storage level.The later type charger requires you to discharge the pack below the storage level to take advantage of the storage feature. Storing your packs at the proper voltage level is the simplest thing you can do to lengthen their usable life span (assuming proper application and use). Storage is not just “over the winter”. If you only fly on the weekends, your packs are technically in storage all week, week after week during the entire flying season. Those cumulative hours can add up slowly degrading your packs.
Lipo batteries function via a chemical reaction that occurs inside their sealed foil envelopes. Providing power is a chemical reaction, while the aging/degrading process is another chemical reaction. If you remember back to high school chemistry, a chemical reaction doubles its speed for every ten degrees increase of ambient temperature. This is why lipos don’t perform as well in cold weather. The cold “slows down” the chemical reaction process. But this fact can work in our favor when it comes to lipo storage. Reducing the storage temperature slows the chemical reaction of the aging/degrading process. There is a limit as to how cold is OK. Lipos don’t want to be frozen solid, but keeping them cool during storage is most certainly in our favor. It turns out the typically household refrigerator (37 to 40 degrees) is the perfect storage place.
The following are 4 tips for Extending Lifespan of Lipo Batteries
1.During storage periods, keep your lithium battery at a 40% charge state.
Although it’s best to fully charge a lipo battery before use, prior to storage of Lithium polymer batteries it's harmful to fully discharge them. The best battery manufacturers store lithium batteries at around 60 degrees and at a 40% charge level. The 40 percent charge allows a stable condition even if it means a level of self-discharge. Some reserve charge is necessary to keep a battery and its protection circuit operational during long periods of storage.
2. Never leave your Lipo battery at an elevated temperature.
Lithium ion batteries do not like heat. By leaving a lithium battery at a constant high temperature, their lifespan, run time and charge capacity reduce significantly. This is particularly true for laptop computers. Laptops produce heat. If you treat your laptop as a desktop replacement and use it as a main power source for a period of one year, the lithium battery capacity could fall to 60% of its original max capacity and lead to a greatly reduced battery life performance. This issue can be resolved by removing a lithium battery while using a corded power source.
3. Never overcharge your Lipo battery.
When a RC model is not in use, it's best to remove the Lithium polymer battery from the RC model unit. It's also best to remove the lithium battery when a RC car is running on a power adapter. If you have a spare Lithium polymer battery, use one for the RC unit and keep the other cool by placing it in a refrigerator.If you leave a lithium ion battery inside a digital RC battery compartment at all times, the battery will become unusable at a much faster rate. It's best to give your digital RC a breather by removing the battery every time it's not in use.
4. Avoid frequent full discharges of your Lipo batteries.
One of the great advantages of a lithium battery is it has no memory effect, which means recharging a partially charged lithium battery is not harmful. And partial discharges with frequent recharges are much healthier for a lithium battery than one long deep discharge. High discharge rates contribute to damage and strain on a lithium battery. But by charging lithium ion batteries at a slower charge rate and more frequently, you can expect the life of your Lipo battery to last much longer.
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