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Do You Know the Lipo Batteries Misusage For RC Airplane

Daily Using Mistakes of Lithium Batteries

For the lithium battery "activate" problem, most people agree that recharge time must be more than 12 hours to activate the Lipo battery. This " The first three charging more than 12 hours to charge " was obviously inherited from the nickel battery ( such as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride ) argument. Therefore, this argument was miscommunication from the start. After sampling survey, we can see a considerable number of people confuse the two battery charging methods.

Long charging time and completely using the battery power will cause overcharge and over discharge, it will lead lithium -ion battery positive and negative in permanent damage, from the molecular level, excessive discharge of carbon anode will lead to excessive release of lithium ion and makes it lamellar structure collapsed. Overcharging gens ace 3s lipo will put too many lithium ion into the negative carbon structure that causing some of the lithium-ion no longer be released. This is also why the lithium-ion batteries are usually equipped with charge and discharge control circuit.

The proper way and precautions before 3 times

1. There is no need for extraordinary time charge as 12 hours to activate the battery when the first three charging time.
2. Place a long time do not use , or frequent that charge is used for some time, the method is a complete charge and discharge , and then you can use namely battery charge , and only after long-term use needs to be fully charged and discharged again to recalibrate again.
3. If your battery place a long time, or frequent use in a period of time, the method is a complete charge and discharge, and then you can use namely battery charge. Only after long-term using, your battery needs to be fully charged and discharged.
4. If your batteries have long time using, you can place your battery before charging your lipo batteries to 40%. Or you can watch each piece voltage batteries, 3.75-3.85V is the best preserved voltage. If your batteries are long-term using, in order to protect the battery.

Here share some little knowledge about Lipo batteries configurations

Series increases the voltage of a pack. 1S is 1 cell lipo, 2S is 2s lipo 5000mah in a series connection, 3S 3 cells, 6S 6 cells in series etc. Parallel adds capacity for the pack. Better way to measurement is to use the total watt hours of a pack. 12S3P can be the same as a 6S6P. The difference between the two is 12S is double the voltage than 6S.

12S3P = 12 cells in series and 3P means 12 series are in 3P.

Typically, 12S is the highest voltage we use for electric skateboards since most esc/motors don't run above 12S.

6S lipo battery is typically used for up to 20mph. Many people use 12S for added power/range and efficiency over 6S. Although, there's nothing wrong with 6S except after a while you get use to 6S top speed. Typical, 10Wh is .62 miles and/or .98 km.

Charging Lithium ion batteries at slow rates

When the charge rate during the constant current phase is low, the charger process will spend less time during the constant voltage tail. If you charge below about 0.18 C, the cell is virtually full when the 4.2 volts is reached. This can be used as an alternative charge algorithm. Just charge below 0.18C constant current and terminate the charge when the voltage reaches 4.2 volts per cell.

Every lithium ion battery pack should have a method of keeping the cell balanced and preventing them from being over-discharged. This is usually done with a safety board which monitors the charge and discharge of the pack, and prevents dangerous things from happening. The specifications of these safety boards are dictated by the cell manufacture, and may include the following:

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Charge temperature--must not be charged when temperature is lower than 0° C or above 45° C.
  • Charge current must not be too high, typically below 0.7 C.
  • Discharge current protection to prevent damage due to short circuits.
  • Charge voltage--a permanent fuse opens if too much voltage is applied to the battery terminals
  • Overcharge protection--stops charge when voltage per cell rises above 4.30 volts.
  • Overdischarge protection--stops discharge when battery voltage falls below 2.3 volts per cell (varies with manufacturer).
  • A fuse opens if the battery is ever exposed to temperatures above 100° C.

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