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How to Charge and Look After

Some people maybe can fly quadcoper but do not know how to look after quadcoper lipo battery. As we know lipo battery provide quadcopter with energy,is very important for quadcoper system. but lipo battery is very dangerous you will be at risk if operating conditions than those described as below.


Lithium Polymer batteries require a purpose built charger. Your old NiCad/NiMh only charger will not work and there is a real danger of fire if you try and an use it.

You can chose a dedicated lithium only charger or a more universal charger that will also be able to charge your NiCad's or NiMh cells.

Charge Rate: LiPo's should be charged at 1C or less. This means if you have a Gens ace 3s lipo 3300mah pack you can charge it at 3.3A. If your charger is not capable of this current, then just chose the closet value to it, for example the Apache 2500 has a maximum charge rate of 2.5A so you would select that. The only disadvantage of a lower charge rate is that it will take longer.

Charge at 1C to work this out if you have a lipo battery 5000mah battery take the first 2 numbers and put a decimal point between them this will give you 2.2 amps this is its charge rate , Not all batteries can take 2C or above and if you charge at this rate the life of the battery will be reduced or at the worse catch on fire.

mAh Charge Rate in amps

2200mAh 2.2
3000mAh 3.0
3300mAh 3.3
4700mAh 4.7
5000mAh 5.0

Fast Charge

This program on the charger will still charge at 1C but what it does do is ,It will NOT balance the cells and will stop the charge at 90% of full , this will still give you a flight of your quad but as it does not balance it will be charged faster than the balance charge


Never run them to a standstill. As they run down the voltage drops and the internal temperature rises, with 3 volts per cell being the critical point at which they become overheated and potentially damaged. Often quoted is the 20% golden rule. That is, you should always have 20% of the LiPo’s capacity remaining at the end of the flight (Sometimes you will see this written as the 80% rule – obviously this being that you should not drain more than 80% of the capacity). So a 2200mAh pack should always have a minimum of 440mAh remaining. A good digital charger will show you these figures. If you hook it up after a flight it will give you the capacity remaining in the pack and you can also read the voltage of each individual cell. Alternatively you can measure the voltage of the whole pack with a digital voltage meter. Look for reading of more than 3.75 volts per cell (ie 3.75 x the number of cells in the LiPo pack). So that would be 11.25v for a 3S pack.

Conversely, at the other end of the scale you should never overcharge a LiPo. A 3.7 volt per cell LiPo is fully charged when it reaches 4.2 volts. Beyond this again it will overheat, shortening its lifespan and potentially they can set alight as the electrolytes they contain are volatile. A good quality charger which measure this and you will be safe so long as you set the correct number of cells or voltage on the charger (the correct voltage to select will be 3.7 x the number of cells in the LiPo pack).

Look after your LiPo’s and they will repay you with good sustained performance over a long period of time. Charge safely and you will enjoy many years of flying.