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Can I use a 2s lipo instead of 7.2v Nicd

Lipo has some advantages more than a 6 cell NiCad or NiMh, no doubt. You could draw far more current from the pack when it holds a larger voltage, so acceleration and top speed are enhanced. Lipos are about 40% lighter for the same capacity, so you'll be able to drive longer. And you may charge a few of these quite quick, up to 5C, so that signifies your pack will probably be full in about 10 to 15 minutes.
The quantity next to the" C" , discovered within the description of lipos , will be the discharge price. The C number multiplied by the capacity in amps. so a lipo of 7.4v lipo battery 5000mah is 2S(two cells I don't know why they use S but meh...) 20X2000mah =40A max discharge but an 11.1V 3S10C 1000mah will have a discharge price of only 10 amps . If your motor wants 14 amps(random number) you will really get a slower rof using the 11.1V than the 7.4v. So retain in mind the numbers when purchasing lipos.
But, you can find also drawbacks that has some sticking to NiMh for now. Some prefer to preserve an older car fully "vintage" so all gear used to be in the era the car or truck is from. Lipo batteries also are a greater fire hazard than NiMh or NiCad, each while driving and when stored. You'll need unique warning program to prevent discharging them also low, whilst on NiMh you can simply notice the pack is starting to dump, and stop just before troubles arise.
7.4 V is definitely the typical two cell lipo. Every single cell includes a range involving 4.two per cell (so eight.4 completely charged) and three.2v per cell (or six.4v completely discharged.) Massive point here is, lipos are certainly not like nihms, or nicads. You cannot and Have to NOT discharge them under three.2V per cell. For those who do, they swell, and come to be unusable. Looking to recharge an unusable pack may well result within a quite huge fire. Which brings me to the crux of the dilemma. A 11.1v 2200mah lipo would probably be fine in your auto, you'd get much better speed and great run instances, On the other hand your esc (electronic speed handle) is not going to tell you when you'r finding close to empty on the battery. Most brushless escs (brushless becoming a distinct kind of electric, google it) may have a 'low voltage reduce off' (google that also). Generally the esc keeps track of the packs voltage, and when it gets to 3.4V per cell, cuts the motor. YOUR esc Is not going to do that, and it's as a result inadvisable to use lipo's within your auto. As in, do not. Visit a nearby hobbyshop and geta greater answer than this, LiPo's could be dangerous, you truly want to do your homework just before you start off using them. 
Besides, not absolutely everyone is prepared to invest revenue into a lipo compatible charger, or requirements the added speed and energy of lipos.
I for example do use lipos on some cars, but I also have a car with brushless system that already screams on NiMh, getting top speeds of over 70 km/h. It's already a handful to drive this way. Imagine putting in a lipo, and getting a 10% or more performance boost in top speed, and even faster acceleration. So I keep using the 2 NiMh packs that came with the car when I bought it second hand, and when these die, perhaps I will get a lipo instead.
Coming back to your auto, I feel a lipo would do well, it would boost acceleration and major speed, and runtimes. And also you currently have the charger, so it is not a huge investment to begin driving with lipos.