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Battery-The modern life necessity

Battery-The modern life necessity

An electric?battery?is an energy conversion and storage devices?that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.?

With the fast developed science and technology, improvement of human living standards, more and more variety of new features, high-tech electronic products are widely used to humans.Correspondingly,it will promote the arising of all kinds of different appearance and performance batteries.

The big brand such as Nanfu battery,GP battery,Panasonic and so on are known by people.Another 2 big brands have attracted worldwide attention with their excellent quality,innovative style and performance-Grepow and ATL.

Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co.,Ltd is a professional R&D,design,manufacture and selling company.From the establishing year 1998,Grepow has changed greatly in its development.
Grepow manufactured and supplied Ni-Mh battery from 1998 in a large quantity with its stable quality,reasonable price and perfect service.It is a kind of no-pollution,no cadmium new green energy battery widely used in areas like civil life,cars,toys, telecommunication and so on. We recommend NiMH for applications where a device has already been designed to use AA type batteries.

This batteries,?however,?have a short?lifespan,heavy,low discharge rate,and low voltage characteristics,so Grepow update to manufacture 2200ml Li-po battery from about 2009.

With a professional R&D team,and extensive experience in manufacturing battery, excellent technical documentation and advanced processing management system,Grepow’s 2 big brand Li-po battery-Gens Ace and Tattu are greatly known and used in RC ans UAV.which ensures battery’s consistency and stability in mass production.

Gens Ace batteries are very useful for embedded electronics. They offer the highest density readily available on the market. Because cell phones predominantly use this battery type, they are easy to find for reasonable prices. They?do?require special charging, so be sure to use the right charger for the job.

Gens Ace LiPo batteries cell has a?nominal voltage of 3.7V. When fully charged you will see nearly 4.2V on the cell but it will quickly drop to 3.7V under normal use. When depleted, the cell will be around 3V. This means your project will need to handle various voltages if you are running directly from a cell. If you need 5V you will need to combine two LiPos in series to create a 7.4V pack(2s 7.4v lipo battery) and regulate down to 5V.

We recommend Gens Ace LiPo for nearly every portable application like helicopter,RC,jump starter and so on.They are fairly robust and when used safely provide a great power source.
DJI-the world market leader in easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems,adopts Grepow’s Tattu battery to control its famous UAV.With the advantage of professional R&D, humanized?service,mass production capacity,amzing explosive power,Tattu is widely used by other big brand GoPro,Panasonic,LG and so on.

In the future,Grepow’s Tattu will be used in more fields and Grepow will pay attention and be allergic to more potential development trend and supply better bettery or other amzing products to the world.