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Protect the environment starts from recycling batteries

Protect the environment starts from recycling batteries

Batteries has been deep into every corner of our lives,for usage of the battery has been growing,mobile phone battery,car battery,FPV battery and the other electric toy is inseparable from it.


1.why to recycle used battery?

1st:Used batteries are of great harm to our living environment.

Scientific research shows that section 1 battery-14.8v lipo battery rot in the field,can lost 1 square meters of soil permanent utilization value;A grain of button batteries can make 600 tons of water has been polluted,the equivalent of one people’s life’s water consumption.

2nd:Used battery is potential threat to human health.

In the biggest threat to the natural environment,several substance in the battery contains a variety of materials such as mercury,lead,cadmium etc.,if will live with rubbish landfill waste battery,or discarded,will permeate the soil,pollution of groundwater,and in turn destroy the human survival environment,indirect threat to human heath. to recycle used battery?

We should pay more attention to about the danger of waste battery,for how to reduce the harm,people carry out a lot of good ways,for example,in setting the battery garbage classification and recycling bins in our lives,for some battery production units and market to reward people for recycling batteries 7.4v lipo battery,etc.Waste battery recycling is an integrated process, it produces pollution nots allow to ignore, from recycling to deal with interlocking, supplement each other.Want to improve the quality of waste battery recycling, we must pay special attention to each link, forming a virtuous cycle, proper set of battery recycling on the regular way.

The government should also attach great importance to, recycling and disposal of waste batteries will issue really on the agenda, the perfect legal laws and regulations, and establishing social recycling service system, promote the formation of the recovery and recycling of waste battery industrialization, achieve reduction and recycling of waste batteries and harmless, it may cause harm to the environment to a minimum.


Everyone needs to help protect the environment,and each of us should actively cooperate with,don’t throw waste batteries.