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The best way to remove the battery memory effect

The best way to remove the battery memory effect

What's the battery memory result?

If your fpv battery is nickel cadmium battery, long-term is just not complete charge and discharge,it simple to leave a mark inside the battery, the battery capability, this phenomenon is named battery memory result.That imply, it appears that battery memory consumer every day charge and discharge price and the mode, time is hard to transform this sort of mode, can no longer do tremendously charging or discharging.Lithium-ion batteries, no this kind of impact.

The reason behind the battery memory impact

As a consequence of damaging exceptionally sintering sort while in the regular process, cadmium coarser grains, if nickel cadmium battery recharge just before these are absolutely discharge, cadmium grain conveniently gathered into pieces and make a battery discharge kind secondary discharge platform.

Battery will shop the discharge platform and it since the finish on the discharge in the subsequent cycle, despite the fact that the capacity on the battery itself is often make the battery discharge on the reduced platform.During the approach of following the discharge of lipo 3s voltage will only do not forget that low capacity.The same in every single use, any incomplete discharge will deepen this impact, make the capability with the battery is reduced.

How to eliminate the battery memory effect?

To eliminate the impact, you'll find two ways, a single would be to use smaller recent depth of discharge (such as with C to 0 v) 1 is usually to use big recent charge and discharge (e.g., one C) a number of occasions.

In practice, the strategy of elimination of memory results have strict specs and an working approach. Improper operation will probably be counterproductive.

For nickel cadmium battery, the upkeep of standard is deep discharge on a normal basis: the typical use to get a month (or thirty occasions circulation) on the deep discharge (discharge to 1.0 V/each segment, referred to as the exercising), typical use is usually to use photovoltaic cells or use the usually means including shutdown can lessen the formation in the memory result, but this is not exercise, since the instrument (including mobile phone) is not really utilised one.0 V/only to flip it off each day, needs to be unique tools or line to finish the do the job, but thankfully a lot of nickel cadmium battery charger with this particular perform.

For no nickel cadmium battery to exercise for any long time, because the cumulative memory effect, can not reply in exercising capacity, then you definitely will need to deeper discharge (called a recondition), this really is an extremely little recent for any extended time for each segment to 0.four V battery discharge of the system, have to have qualified equipment.

For nickel metal hydride batteries, work out on the frequency of about the moment each and every 3 months can effectively relieve the memory impact. As the cycle life of nimh 5000mah lipo battery is decrease than that of nickel cadmium battery, with tiny recondition this technique.

Suggestion 1: every time there may be no should charge the battery before discharge, and it is unsafe, since useless shorten the life on the battery.

Suggestion two: use a resistor connect will be the cathode of your battery discharge is not desirable, can not handle recent, simple to 0 v, even bring about series of battery cell polarity reversal