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RC lipo battery in excess of discharge along with the appropriate use of purpose

RC lipo battery in excess of discharge along with the appropriate use of purpose

Some rookies feel that lithium batteries brand superior,ever the increased the value,it truly is much better to implement the longer. But frequently not the situation, even the ideal lithium batteries,over-discharge phenomenon will seem.

Tips on how to make use of the suitable of lithium battery?

No matter if lipo battery 3.7v or one.2v NiMH,will not imply voltage when the battery is entirely charged.For lipo battery, the general right after full voltage reaches 4.2v,I believe plenty of people possess the mobile phone batteries universal charge,it output voltage is usually indicated above 4.2v.NiMH total charge can attain 1.5v. Additionally to voltage,and then there is capacity and discharge rate.the capacity of the battery in mah,the discharge fee is surely an unit with C. In brief,1C for distinctive capability battery is not the exact same. 1C discharge means that batteries can final for 1 hour. Instance: 1500mah capacity battery lasted one hour of do the job, the average existing is 1500ma, namely 1.5A,1.5A and that which is if the battery 1C over the nominal maximum 10C the battery discharge latest is 15A... That is certainly beneath the battery 15A is safe and sound to make use of. Once more 1000mah capability within the 1C is 1000ma, namely 1A. If the above nominal 15C. Then the utmost discharge latest is 1A * 15 = 15A, the utmost discharge current in the battery is 15A. Having said that, the above function the batteries 15A, 10C discharge is, in theory, the utmost current get the job done working with 60/10 = six minutes . And 1000mah function to 15A, 15C is discharged towards the existing concept can be used to do the job 60/15 = four minutes. So fairly speaking, 1500mah, 10C battery to be made use of for any long time points. So obtain the battery by taking a look at the number of C will not be acceptable. C compact quantity of discharged battery may discharge a large amount greater than C. Connected with this capability.

Remote handle model aircraft lithium battery known as the lithium polymer battery, frequently known as lithium or lithium batteries. I've to lipo battery 11.1 v 2200mah remote management model aircraft for example to illustrate the way to correctly use lithium battery. Generally, eleven.1V lithium battery of remote control model aircraft by three lithium batteries in series (3S1P), per piece batteries voltage is 3.7V. The lithium model, mobile phones, cameras, and so forth. The nominal voltage is called marking voltage is obtained in the common working voltage. The real voltage monolithic lithium batteries is 2.75~4.2V, lithium about the topic of electric power capability of four.2V to 2.75V discharge obtained. Remote control model aircraft lithium batteries has to be utilised within the voltage selection of 2.75~4.2V. The remote manage model aircraft lithium battery voltage is decrease than 2.75V belongs excessive discharge, lithium expands, chemical liquids inside crystallize, these crystals may well pierce the inner construction with the layer due to a brief circuit, make the lithium voltage becomes zero. Remote management model aircraft lithium battery voltage is above 4.2V belong overcharging, internal chemical reactions too extreme, lithium will blow expansion, if it continues to swell charge combustion. Whether or not it's above discharge or overcharge can have remote handle model aircraft lithium batteries generate loads of injury.

1.the charge

1-1 Charging present: the charging latest will have to not exceed the specs book stipulated highest charging present (under regular circumstances is 0.5 ~ 1.0C or significantly less), the usage of larger than proposed charging present might bring about the battery charge and discharge performance, mechanical efficiency and security efficiency difficulties and could bring about heat or leakage. At present marketed 5C model aircraft battery charging present, charging isn't advisable frequent use 5C, so as to not impact battery lifestyle.


1-2 charging voltage: the charging voltage shall not exceed the limit voltage (7.4v 5000mah lipo battery / single cell), 4.25V charge voltage of each part of your highest restrict. (Non-straight to enrich my know-how, this may possibly lead to overcharging the batteries, customers use the battery due to an error generated through the consequences).

1-3 Charging temperature: The battery has to be charged inside of merchandise specs prescribed ambient temperature selection, otherwise the battery vulnerable to harm. After they discover the battery surface temperature anomaly time (refer on the battery surface temperature exceeds 50°C), need to immediately prevent charging.

1-4 reverse charging: Connect the battery good and unfavorable, non-reverse charging. If your constructive and detrimental reversed, we'll not have the ability to charge the battery. Reverse charging the battery will likely be destroyed, and in some cases cause fever, leak, fire.


2-1 Discharge current: discharge existing may not exceed specs specified greatest discharge present, high-current discharge capacity will result in the sharp decline during the battery to overheat and bring about swelling.

2-2 Discharge temperature: The battery should be discharged within specs specified working temperature assortment. When the battery surface temperature exceeds 70°C, to suspend use until eventually the battery is cooled to space temperature to date.

2-3 over-discharge: over-discharge can damage the battery can't be so single battery discharge voltage is reduced than 3.6V.

3. Storage

The battery need to be placed in interesting storage environment, long-term storage battery (more than 3 months), it's proposed at a temperature of 10-25°C along with a minimal temperature non-corrosive gasoline environments 2 cell lipo batteries. While in the long-term storage battery just about every three months to sustain the battery charge and discharge activity and be certain that each cell voltage from the assortment of 3.7~3.9V.