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What are the precautions for li-po battery?

What are the precautions for li-po battery?

According to the electrolyte materials that are used in Lithium Ion Batteries,Lithium Ion batteries are divided into Liquified lithium-Ion battery (abbreviation:LIB) and Polymer Lithium-Ion Batter (abbreviation:PLB) ,It used in the PLB cathode materials and LIB is the same, the anode materials are divided into cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, ternary material and lithium iron phosphate material, negative extremely graphite, working principle of the battery is almost the same.Their main difference is that the different electrolytes, LIB using liquid electrolyte, PLB with solid polymer electrolyte as a substitute for, at present most of the polymer gel electrolyte.



Solid polymer electrolyte of lithium ion battery electrolyte for the polymer with a mixture of salt, the battery the ionic conductivity at room temperature is low, can be used at room temperature.


Gel polymer electrolyte for lithium ion batteries is in solid polymer electrolyte adding plasticizer and other additives, thus improve the ionic conductivity, the battery can be used at room temperature.


Polymer lithium ion battery having a thin shape, and of any area of any shape, etc., so you can use plastic composite film manufacturing the battery case, which can improve the ratio of the entire battery capacity; polymer lithium ion battery can also be high molecule as cathode material, its quality will be improved by more than 20 percent more energy than the current liquid lipo 3s voltage battery.

2.Do not charge overcharge

Polymer lithium-ion battery, if the charging time is too long, will increase the possibility of expansion.

3. Advantages and disadvantages Advantage

A. single battery voltage up to 3.6v ~ 3.8v 1.2V voltage is much higher than the nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries.

B. capacity density, and its capacity is 1.5 to 2.5 times the density of nickel-metal hydride batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries, or higher.

C. Self-discharge, place a long time after the loss of its capacity is small.

D. Long life, the normal use of the cycle life can reach more than 500 times.

E. no memory effect, before charging is not necessary to vent the remaining capacity, easy to use.

F. Good safety performance

Polymer lithium aluminum flexible packaging structure adopted in the event of safety problems occur, polymer batteries will not explode, it will only drums.

4. small thickness, can do thinner

Slim, the battery can be assembled into the credit card. Ordinary liquid lithium using the first custom shell, after the Cypriot village of positive and negative material method, the thickness of 3.6mm or less technical bottlenecks do exist, and the thickness of the polymer batteries can be done 1mm or less.

5. Light weight

Using a polymer electrolyte battery without metal shell as protection packaging.5000mah lipo battery weight compared with the same capacities of steel lithium, 40% lighter, 20% lighter than aluminum battery.

6. The internal resistance

Polymer batteries internal resistance than ordinary liquid small core, the current domestic polymer batteries internal resistance of 35mΩ can do even less, greatly reducing the battery from the power to extend the standby time, can be achieved with the international level. This support large discharge current lithium polymer is ideal for remote control model as the most promising alternative to nickel-hydrogen battery products.

7. The shape can be customized

Manufacturers need not be limited to standard form, it can be economically made of appropriate size. Polymer battery can be added according to customer demand or reduce the thickness of the batteries, the development of new models of batteries, cheap, mold cycle is short, and some can even be tailored according to the shape of a mobile phone to take advantage of the battery housing space, improve battery capacity.

8. Excellent discharge characteristics

Polymer battery with gel electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte having a stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform.

9. Plate Design Simple

As a result of polymer materials, batteries no fire, no explosion, batteries itself has adequate security, thus protecting the circuit design polymer battery can be considered omitted PTC and fuse, thereby saving the cost of the 14.8v lipo battery.