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You had better to know about the RC battery

More and more RC aircraft enthusiasts, but so many enthusiasts do not comprehend the rc car batteries lipo,which then they use the lipo battery is wrong,and even violation operation. That lead to battery swell,even fire. It is sound so terrible. Now I want to tell you some ways to use the battery. Of course,if you think this ways is wrong, welcome to criticism.


1.At the first time use the lipo battery, you should to charge first, and then use when fully charged. Do not use the partially charge,because it effect the battery life.

2. Charge to choose balance charger. Batteries charging with a few pieces, avoid monolithic battery voltage also other difference is too large, affect the service life of the whole.

3. Avoid the battery over discharge, it is recommended that the battery with low pressure alarm device, reasonable control the time of flight, for the plane leave enough spare capacity, To avoid no electricity caused the RC airplane bombed.A is the first killer of battery life!

4. Battery storage method, 3s 1300mah lipo to store the most appropriate voltage of 3.8 V or so, Do not be filled with storage, full of storage is the direct cause of the battery swells,Because the battery has the power, so the deposit after a period of time to conduct a charge and discharge process, voltage back to the store after store, doesn't charge for a long time. Self-discharge will cause low voltage, battery scrap directly.

5. After bombed, to check the battery have any injury or damage and monolithic voltage is stable or not, if the voltage is stable, normal skin without damage, you can use. But be careful, when charging had better pay more attention to observation, avoid the short circuit heating, even smoke explosion!After the bombing of the battery is not use.

6. Do not disassemble battery by yourself, Welding battery easy to cause overheating, don't match batteries welded together, it is easy to cause monolithic voltage use too fast, effect the battery life.

For the bulge of battery has already happened, Do not to frozen, pressure etc to let its recovery, batteries have taken place in the internal chemical reaction, not by external force can recover, more don't prick the battery with a needle, deflated after the battery is completely had zero voltage slowly in place. That is to say, the battery scrap completely.