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Choose Helicopter,Airplane or Multirotor ?

Multirotors are very popular these years after DJI economic and recreational multirotors’ coming.And they attract many newbies to the RC Hobby and UAV areas.But many new beginners express that they are confused to choose heli,airplane or multirotor as a beginner.About how to work,we have posted in the last article(UAV TERMS),and they are still quite different in many aspects,now we will compare them in some important ones.

In Operability:

In terms of the operability,multirotors are the simplest cause their rotors can change the thrust and torque produced by each.They can fly with no need of runway,and hover after taking off.So it can help to observe one object for a long time by hovering in the air.

However,the airplane’s(Fixed-wing aircraft’s) landing and taking-off needs more open field.

And the helicopter can VTOL in congested or isolated areas,but its drive device controller design is difficult,and the controller adjustment is also very difficult.

In Reliability:


When it comes the mechanical reliability,multirotors don’t have movable parts,it basically depends on the reliability of the reliability of the brushless motor, so the reliability is higher.In comparison, the airplanes and helicopters have mechanical connection parts,they will wearing out in flying and lead to a decline in reliability.And multirotosr can hover,which means that the flight range can be controlled easily,so they are safer than airplanes.

In Stability:


Helicopter’s stability is weakest.Many of the simplest helicopters don’t require advanced systems to be pretty stable.

Airplane’s stability is better than helicopter,but its speed is fastest.

Multirotor’s stability is strongest.A multirotor has 3,4,6 or 8 different motors in its shape.You can control the rotor blades to perform all sorts of aerobatics and tricks.In most cases,multirotors are more stable than helicopters and airplanes.The stability means that the machine is able to perform and keep performing an instruction commanded by the remote control until other instruction is transmitted.

The higher the stability the easier to fly.


In Application:

If you intend to transport something,such as a camera or another mid-weight object,then a multirotor is for you,not just because of the above advantages but also because they have a bigger body.Many amazing videos online about high buildings,wonderful landscapes,and crazy aerobatics were filmed using one of these.And multirotors can be using in more areas like investigation,plant protection,monitor the?situation, rescure in emergency and so on.
A helicopter may get balanced to one side and that would affect the center of gravity, altering the entire functionality of the device.But its flexibility is best cause the small body and responds quicker than the others because there is only one or two motors that need to be adjusted when sending a command.It is more common to see RC helis doing all sorts of maneuvers and tricks.A very exciting vedio shows RC helicopter mops the floor and wall use its rotor blades.

If you want to choose one machine who has fast speed,fly in long distance and longer time,then an airplane is better for you.But because it is hard to controll and work,it is not common used yet.

In Your Expertise Level:

If you have very little or no experience with RC flying devices,you can choose RC helicopter to begin your hobby because RC heli works with easier channels when compare to the other two.Multirotors have more complicated channels and function you need to control.And Airplane is the hardest one and not very common nowaday!Definitely,it’s more fun and you will get great flight experience when flying multirotors.


In the Budget:

In the past a multirotor is much more expensive than a RC helicopter,certainly,airplane is most ecpensive.But with the time this has changed and now you can get a great quality multirotor in a pretty reasonble and affordable price for many.However,you need to think of spare parts when choosing one of these machines.Please don’t care about the price merely when purchasing the first device.Do be care about the spareparts and check the important parts price like motors,battery,rotor blades and so on to make sure you can get them easily when needed to change.In general,the budget spent in a multirotor will be higher than a RC heli because of the big body.The most normal budget is that multirotor will need bigger capacity battery than RC heli.So you need to choose a reliable brand to use.I prefer Gens Ace 2s lipo and Tattu rc car batteries lipo battery whose quality is excellent in a good price.


From all the above analyze and comparison,now it’s up to you.Choose which one Multirotors,RC heli,or Airplane,it depends on yourself. No matter which kind you choose,I believe you will fall in love with them and enjoy yourself greatly.