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Four things you need to know to start FPV racing

FPV drone racing has become a very popular activitiy recently worldwide.There are many asks about FPV drone racing. Here I will write a article about some things you need to know to start FPV drone racing.

Start Transmitting Video&Video Camera

There are pretty much options for frequency choice but the most popular one for newbies is 5.8Ghz. It easy to get start an have fun without getting into trouble. 5.8Ghz has many nice channels to choose and you can buy a lot of different FPV related items for this frequency.Most FPV cameras available today are primarily from the video surveillance & security industry and work very as well for FPV due to the small size and good low light capabilities.If you are afraid of soldering or getting your wiring well connected then you can buy a all in one unit. These are video cameras with built in FPV transmitters .


Some famous FPV cameres:RunCam 2 Full HD Camera,SONY CMQ1993X HD Camera,etc

Select Your Video Transmitter

There are a lot of video transmitters available on the market today each with its own frequency,antennas and etc.

You should know not more power is better ,too much power can interfere not only with your gear but your friends signal too if you are flying in with friends. I suggest you start with with 25 to 200mW video transmitter.

And you should know FPV video transmitters are not your 2.4Ghz RC transmitter. They can’t frequency hop. You need to set the video transmitter to a channel and make sure the video receiver are in the same channel. If anyone else if flying FPV you have to make sure you aren't on their channel!

A good antennas is very important

Your FPV system is only as good as your antennas. Most start using what comes with most video transmittersand receivers.a simple omni directional linear polarized whip antenna set which, depending on your frequency, can give very poor performance.


Practice&fly safely

When flying a FPV drone, the pilot sees from the aircraft's perspective, and even not need to look at the FPV drone. So the FPV aircraft can fly well beyond visual range, it’s only limited by the range of the remote control and video transmitter.

Where is it safe to fly FPV? I would hope that most people would agree it’s dangerous that flying over largely populated areas, busy highways, and other areas of high population density,especially for beginners,you should choose a sparsely populated areas.Parking garages and forests are also perfect venue?for drone racing enthusiasts.So first make sure you get a proper FPV and good place to fly,then take someone with you who’s experieced with FPV racing.Do not attempt to fly 2 miles away from yourself, with headtracking, in high winds, near sunset, on your very first FPV flight! That is of course an exaggeration. However, FPV flying is entirely different than line-of-sight flying. You get a completely different perspective, and during your first flights, it is very easy to become disoriented. it takes practice, practice, practice.



I used voltage alarms on my planes and on my goggles. Losing power is not good and neither is ruining a 14.8v lipo battery.Tattu 1300mah 75c 4s ,this is maybe the most popular battery for FPV racing recently.



I suggest you to learn from someone who’s experienced with flying FPV. It will make you learn faster, easier and have more fun.
Fly safely!!This is the first principle!
Have fun!