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My inspiration from uav

The unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is real a hot news now, media editors also in naturally follow suit hype unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Generally speaking, the news the hype in the two aspects of content: 1, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very cheap, ordinary consumers can buy. 2, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very powerful, it is a legendary weapons, can eliminate the terrorists such as ants.

"I want to fly higher"

The relative height of flight for the performance of the common uav users are not important, for most purposes are fly in low altitude and even "stick", even aerial couldn't fly too high, because you can not see the ground clearly when you fly too high. But the flight altitude for the purpose of the plateau region is a very important parameter.

The air in high altitude is thin, on the one hand, it will drop the efficiency of the propeller ; On the other hand, it will drop the efficiency of power system. The fuel power unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) generally use the naturally aspirated two-stroke engine currently , with the air of the thin air intake reduced efficiency, dynamic nature also will drop at the same time, because the boiling point of pressure drop in gas also drops, to a certain height will boil although in normal temperature.

"I want to fly farther than ever"

The majority of users concerned about the uav flight activities of the radius, this is also a important indicator. But flying range can not bigger as you want, there are two aspects restricting the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight radius : mechanical limit radius with radio control of the plane.

Because of Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) itself limitation of life, its flight radius is limited. Especially electric rotor, the mission flight time is only about 20 minutes, and then consider the time of land and take off, flight control radius is generally at about 1 km.

Some people think of 3g or 4g mobile network can used to implement similar via "star" effect, but it is a pity that even leaving high price of data traffic, there also have a problem on its feasibility. On the one hand, the planar maps for mobile network is the base station of a circle round the honeycomb, junction signal-blind area,it is obvious during flight; On the other hand, from the three-dimensional space, mobile network based on base station signal tower as the center of umbrella cover down, mobile network signal work well in the earth's surface, even better in the blind area in the air.

“I want to fly longer"

There is no doubt that flight life is a very important index for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). In many cases, for the mechanical part of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) itself, the radius of restricting the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight relative height is the most important factor.
normally: no matter for a uav or a man-machine, energy is the main restriction.

For electric uavs, the life of 5000mah lipo battery is even limit. Especially for multiple rotor, due to the response of the motor quickly and easy to control, electric is the ‘Gospel’. But on the other hand electric is an enormous problem that restrict its battery life.

As the carrier of electricity is the 3s 11.1v lipo battery, but the weight of battery is heavy, so the increasing batteries wii not increases the power, but can be seen as a function extremum problems.

"I want to fly no matter rain or shine"

Can uav resist wind?

The resistance of wind for uav is relatively good, because of its low center of gravity and lifting point on the top, even if the wind is big,it also may not be a problem. Windy, of course, the risk will increase , just like if the road is too bad even tanks will afraid of tipping.

Can uav prevent the rain?

Of course not!the electronic equipment of uav, especially of the steering gear, calorific value is big, the better rain-proof the worse heat dissipation. So even the oil helicopters can only fly shortly in the rain,you can fly to return if it rained suddenly but do not try to fly in the rain.