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Advises For the New Aircraft Hobbyists

With a growing popularity of RC aircrafts, there are more and more new aircraft hobbyists coming out paying little attention to the safety awareness. There are advises listed below, hoping these advises would do any help to those new hobbyists who are lack of safety awareness. Every hobbyist should have their safety awareness(rc car batteries lipo).


1. Try to study more knowledge about the flying and to know how it works, the more you know about the flying theories, your flying skills would improve faster and you could fly your aircraft smarter. Huge differences between the hobbyists who have played for a while lie in how much they know about the flying theories.

2. Paying attention to the aircraft no matter when it is flying or landing, stay alert, get prepared for any emergency situations. Don’t even rest easy when you are landing your aircraft, passersby may get hurt by the propellers.



3.Getting more flights or practices makes you a better hobbyist. You may not improve your flying skills for one flight only, but accumulated flights will enrich your flight experience and your understanding for your aircraft.

4.Never overlook the suggestions brought up by the experienced hobbyists when you’re taking a flight. Listen carefully and treat seriously, it would avoid you from some dangers or severe outcomes.

5. Fly your aircraft slower and steadier when you stop the flight for a long time. Focus on every landing and taking off.


6. Check every single device on your aircraft more regularly to ensure a more safety flight. If you feel any abnormal happening on your aircraft, try to land it safely and check at once in case of a flight crash. Besides, more discussions or analyses after every failure flight is necessary to avoid getting your aircraft broken.

7.Always being in a good mood when you are flying your aircraft. Never argue with other hobbyists for any little trifles. You would enjoy a good flight when being happy. You may also fly at your best when you’re in a good body condition. Get a good rest and ready to stop flying your craft when you feel exhausted, depressed or in bad mood. Knowing to control your mood and keep a good body condition will also help for a nice flight.

8. Take the 14.8v lipo battery out of the aircraft when there is no need a flight in case the craft takes off by accident.