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Basic common sense of choose RC car batteries

For any RC car, the inevitable need is the batteries, this passage introduces some common knowledge of automotive batteries of mainstream RC car batteries lipo.

The ways to choose and buy a battery is nothing more than a few aspects:Battery type/voltage/capacity/C number/size&shape/discharge plug type

Common battery type: NiCd/NIMh/LiPo/LiFe

NiCd, nickel-cadmium batteries, low cost, low capacity, big pollution, memory effect, can only be found in some cheap suits car now,I do not recommended strongly.
The NiMh, nickel metal hydride batteries, in AA and AAA batteries, NiMh absolutely is the mainstream, but in the remote control model of the battery is not recommended.
LiPo, lithium polymer battery, it is now the mainstream type in the model, using a wide range, full of types various models, is the focus part in this passage to introduce
LiFe, and lithium iron batteries, not too mainstream, generally used in remote control, rarely used as a power of the electric car.

The most extensive LiPo lithium polymer battery in RC car

LiPo, full named Lithium Polymer Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery shell for soft package, evolved by Li - ion Lithium ion Battery. Voltage of lithium ion single section is 3.6 V, due to the high active, explosion probability is bigger, so it almost replaced by LiPo , now most of batteries we used in cell phones are LiPo.

Voltage: Nominal voltage of LiPo batteries are 3.7 V, when fully charged, the current mainstream single section batteries are 4.2 V, on the currently model, high-voltage batteries appeared gradually, full charged high-voltage batteries with single section is 4.35 V.
Each cell of 3.7 V call 1 s, but our car with 3.7 V is not enough, the mainstream battery voltage is 7.4 V, then put the lipo 7.4v 5000mah batteries together, increase the voltage.
How many 3.7 V and how many S are put together, the voltage is 3.7 V multiplied by how many S, 2 S for example is 3.7 * 2 = 7.4 V. 3 s is 3.7 * 3 = 11.1 V, and so on.

Lithium-ion batteries also involves encapsulation, when you buy a battery you will see some write 2s1p, some write 2s2p, what is the meaning of this 2 s is said above, 2 s = 3.7 * 2 = 7.4 V, then 2 p?

Due to restrictions, such as technology, volume and cost of each cell capacity is limited, how the simplest way to increase capacity? Is to put two same batteries in parallel, this is the concept of P.

For example 2 batteries in parallel together in 1 3.7 V, call it 2 p; But if use of three batteries in parallel to a 3.7 V, so is the 3 p.

So, 2s2p, can be understood as four same batteries, the two pieces of parallel, then call 1s, and then parallel the other 2 pieces of the other 1 s, put the two 1 s together, become a 2 s, the battery is called 2s2p

Capacity: each cell has its own rated capacity, the higher the capacity, the time can be used the longer, in some cases we will especially selection of small capacity for my weight loss with frame, frame performance of ascension. Small capacity is usually lighter in weight.

Discharge C: is the discharge capacity. C number, the greater the battery can in the short period of time after their own capacity.
1 C, which is inner an hour discharge its own capacity. how many C, how much is a copy of one hour after their own capacity. 60 c for example is 1/60 hours, that is, one minute, after its own capacity. C, the greater the number of cells, and its performance is higher, the more expensive.

Several large batteries for the same car, the difference between a high C and low C in a small battery is: the greater the number, the explosive force, its start with higher speed, the less heating battery after use.

Discharge current: C number can be interpreted as a unit, not current. Current should be understand with capacity. C number multiplied by capacity is the discharge current.

The discharge current of the battery is battery’s ability, but actually, the consumption of the current size is determined by the electric harmonic motor. As long as you buy a bigger current of the battery than you consume electric harmonic motor is well.

Shapes and sizes: as long as player buy the corresponding size and shape according to the requirements.most of LiPo are elongated, but there are some old models is cylindrical, so can only choose nimh electricity or cylindrical capacity low lithium electric model.

Plug type: the mainstream is T plug, tamiya plug, JST plug, XT60 plug, JST plug, banana plug (99% of the 4 mm banana plug and 1% 5 mm banana plug), and other such as oda palace, also have XT90, but relatively fewer.

The choice of the plug, the plug of the power equipment according to oneself to choose corresponding, remember that the mainstream plug is T plug, if you buy the wrong plug, it will cause electrical equipment can't connected to the 3s 11.1v lipo battery.