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Intelligence of UAV lipo Batteries

In terms of a business perspective pattern , UAV lipo batteries intelligence , is a good direction and forms. Conversely , this form also makes a more profitable business model potential. Around us , the smart lithium battery is everywhere, notebook computers, mobile phones , and many mobile devices, have adopted smart lithium battery. UAV power lithium battery , it is the transition to smart lithium .

1.Solve over discharge problems spawned smart batteries

For non- disposable batteries, namely rechargeable batteries, over-discharge is the most annoying thing . Over-discharge means that the battery performance degradation. To avoid over- discharging the battery pack in the people has increased by over- discharge protection circuit , when the discharge voltage drops below a preset voltage, battery -powered stop outside . However, the actual situation is even more complicated , such as laptops , unmanned aerial vehicles , electric vehicles, because if you avoid battery discharge immediately stop power supply , then the computer will immediately shut down, too late to save a lot of data ; unmanned aerial vehicles, will direct fall from the sky ; electric vehicles will be anchored in without warning . Thus , the smart battery discharge battery protect themselves off just the last line of defense , before that , managing circuit also calculates the end of life, to provide early warning for the user , so the user has enough time to take appropriate safety measures .

Life time calculation and distance flown , the flight altitude , the current motor output power and other factors. These factors are dynamic, and the range of changes can be large , all the data needed to calculate in real time , which for the smart lithium battery management chip , algorithm design will make very high demands .


2.Solve charge and keep problems spawned smart batteries

Nowadays, lithium batteries have been very popular. As we all know , lithium battery charging , there are special requirements . The second is currently a large number of lithium batteries using a multi- core string and form , since the batteries of individual differences , resulting in the charge and discharge can not be 100% balanced , and therefore a perfect charge management circuit is particularly necessary. And this is the smart lithium battery to have the second function - to improve the lithium battery pack charge management , and discharge management .

3.Solve batteries power detection problems spawned smart batteries

Conventional battery voltage to be detected , the need for additional connection detection means , such as a voltmeter , etc. , and this can not be detected in real time during the flight . There is no more convenient and intuitive way to let users know in real time the remaining battery charge and other information we trust? Yeah , which requires battery management circuitry to complete.

4.Solve electrode contacts electrically rot aging problems spawned smart batteries

Maybe you have the impression that when the battery is connected to the moment drone on , plug sparks , accompanied by the sound of ignition . Over time, the reliability of the connection plug is lowered , and will lead to heat the plug , even the air melted. Plug problems caused by aging drone crash cases are not uncommon. To solve this problem , smart lithium battery management circuitry and also play a role .

5.Solve batteries copyright problems spawned smart batteries

Smart lipo batteries get a good copyright protection , on the one hand provide only original lithium battery, the battery can be better guaranteed quality , consistency better, and better reliability theory .

Above five points , the battery management circuit ( smart 14.8v lipo battery management module ) close contact with the original ecological battery together into a common forms of intelligent lithium battery . Smart lithium advantages are many, these " intelligent" to bring users the reliability , ease of use .