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Instruction of Lipo Battery For FPV

Thank you for using Gens ace&Tattu FPV battery. To avoid the unnecessary lost, please read the instruction of lipo battery for FPV carefully before using the product,.

Lipo Battery For FPV Attentions

a)When you get this product, please check whether there is abrasion, break, distortion and any other sort of phenomenon;
b)Please use small current (0.5C is recommended) to discharge the power on your charger more than twice before using this product (The common chargers for FPV all have this function.);
c)Please guarantee that the charger is qualified before using this product (The charger would be some problems to varying degrees after long-time usage.);
d)Please guarantee that there should be someone around whencharging the product. If there is abnormality, please stop charging; if there is nobody, the battery should be taken out in order to avoid the unexpected danger and lost;
e)Turning on the timer on the FPV remoter is strongly recommended. If the product can use for 5 mins, we suggest to set the time for 4 mins to ensure that the battery would not be over-discharged and to ensure the lifespan and safety (the safety voltage for batteries product);
f)The temperature of the product is comparatively high after releasing power. Please wait for the battery cool down to room temperature and then charge the battery (charge above zero centigrade);
g)Please do not store or charge the battery product under sunshine, because the high temperature (above 35 degree centigrade) will cause the product damage or negatively influence the performance;eg:Tattu 2s 7.4v lipo battery use the Professional laboratory to storage it.
h)Please avoid storing the product under full power. The internal chemical reaction inside the full-power lithium battery is very active.Keeping the battery fully charged, although the voltage would not lower, the actual chemical reaction will become slow and the platform for releasing the power declines, so the performance of the lithium battery is not so good as before. (Just like a rubber ring, if it is highly tight for a long time, the elasticity will be influenced.) Therefore, the fully-charged lithium battery is better used in 24 hours. The voltage should be kept in 3.7-3.9V when not in use for long.
i)Please do not exert external force to the product, let it fall from high, self-disassemble and self-refit;
j)Please do not short out the wires of anode and cathode without the drain plug, to avoid accident;
k)Please place the product away from the children;
l)Please place the product away from the water and fire source;
m) Please hold the product correctly (as the picture below);


Lipo Battery For FPV Storage and disposal method

a)When you store the product over three months, please charge and discharge the power in low current (0.5C) more than once;

b)When there is voltage difference in every single product in the product test, please deal with it according to the storage period as listed below;


c)When you find the bulging of the product, please stop using the product, since the bulging will influence the normal usage and have certain danger; the bulged product could not be disposed in cold storage or pricked and deflate. This method would have bulging when the product discharges power. The product can be used in slight bulging carefully, but please stop using if the product bulges seriously.

d)The storage temperature for lithium battery is 25±10 degree centigrade, and 25 degree centigrade is in common. The short-term storage can be below 45 degree centigrade.

Thank for reading the instruction of lipo battery for FPV,and thanks again you use Gens ace &Tattu FPV battery.Enjoy!