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Why the Consumer UAV So Popular?

The history of UAV can be traced back to last century. But recently, with the release of consumer UAV, it is not merely for the upper-class but becomes an affordable "toy" for all the public. The popularity of UAV should be attributed to the joy and operability. When you turn on the aerial photograph mode, you could observe the surroundings through FPV (First Person View), which is a totally new shooting perspective and full of fun. Besides, it is easy to operate and control, especially for the green-hand.

The design of multi-rotor, flying with four or more rotors, is massively adapted into the consumer UAVs, which is the simplest mechanical structure among the three types of aircrafts andis motivated by the motor,and relatively the UAV battery is light weight and long flight time. It has the obvious advantages of simple machinery, being able of taking off and landing vertically. However, the multi-rotor has the comparatively short flight time and less payload.

The quadcopters and multi-rotor UAVS gain the most market, which are lightweight, agile, safe, easy to operate, able to hover in the air and other strengths. The multi-rotor UAVs gradually turned the toy plane into the pragmatic aircraft for aerial photograph. You could see the synchronous picture as long as you connect the UAV with Wifi. Similarly, in the actual flight, you could watch the UAV or the screen. Apart from aerial photograph, the UAVs have been applied in express delivery, disaster relief, patrol, providing network and other fields.

What is the difference between consumer UAV and professional UAV for aerial photograph?

The consumer UAVs commonly have the affordable prices for ordinary people, varying from one hundred to thousand dollars, light weight and operability. For most consumers, the main purpose of consumer UAVs is entertainment. Conversely, to operate the aerial photograph UAVs, people should experience the professional training. Another advantage, especially important for the green hand, for UAVs is that it does not need to assemble by own, which means that we could fly as soon as we buy it.


The aerial photograph is the main function of the consumer UAVs, but it still has great disparity with the professional aerial photograph UAV from the image quality, flight duration, the ability of withstanding bad weather, high-speed of image transmission and other perspective. The professional one could load with professional digital camera, whose image is more clear and has higher pixel. Naturally, the professional one has higher price, from ten thousand to hundred thousand dollars.

In a word, due to the easiness of operate and no need to assemble, the green-hand can control it skillfully after a few practices. And it has a lot of designs of one-touch operation, such as return and land automatically. Also, the price is much affordable for ordinary players.

Why we cannot buy the cheap drone?

It is undoubted that all the UAV fans want to have an own UAV, but the equipment of well-known and mega brand has the price of thousands dollar, which is not affordable for most of players. Therefore, some people will buy the cheaper UAVs, maybe tens of dollars. But is it wise to buy such drones?


To answer such question, the first thing we should clarify is whether we need a better fly experience. The experience depends on multiple factors, and the safety is the most crucial thing. We should choose those qualified products to guarantee safety; however, the cheap UAVs commonly do not have the function GPS stability, resulting in the difficulty in controlling and the instability. When the emergency happens, it cannot hover in time and is likely to cause danger. At the same time, the cheaper UAVs do not have stable holder, which can rotate, so that it could not shoot the steady images. Furthermore, the difficulty for fly improves without the function of image transmission. (It is impossible to see the picture.) Consequently, choosing a safe and stable drone, no matter the price, is wise for all the UAV fans.

Is the multi-rotor UAV easy to operate?

Take Xiro explorer, a quadcopter UAV, as an example; it is mainly operated by the rocker. The left rocker can control the height and direction (up or down and rotate). The right one can control the movement of four directions (forward, backward, left and right). The position can be set manually. The rocker of remote-controller is more sensitive, so we should carefully and slightly operate it to fly stably.

Xiro explorer have the function of GPS emergency hover and making a return. After you choose the landing position, only by pressing one button that it can land steadily. Hint: the landing position should be chosen cautiously. On one thing, do not land on the crowd in case of causing injuries; on the other thing, choose the spacious and smooth place to avoid the damage of drones. In a nutshell, it is easy to operate, but to shoot high-quality image, more time given to practice is needed.

What should be noticed to fly UAVs?

Though it is easy to control and operate, we should know more about the safety common sense, and certainly, the basic operation process. To avoid the air crash due to the power-cut, 14.8V Lipo Battery from Gens ACE is strongly recommended, for it has long flight time, easy to assemble and stability. Additionally, setting the prohibited fly areas is required. The flyers should pay attention to the rules and laws, apart from enjoy the drones.