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A breakthrough of the flight time of the industrial level UAVs battery

There's a breakthrough of UAV battery.

In the beginning of this year, the first domestic high mobility X8 multi-rotor drones with 7*24 hours' flight time was release in Chuangzhi Technology Center, Shanghai, China. This drone is called "skyhook" and adopts irregular ground power transmission system to support the continuous flight. It can carry visible light zoom camera, infrared camera, airborne radar and communication antenna to supervise the security, deal with emergency danger and control the traffic. Those are all the impossible missions for the consumer level drones among the market.


the breakthrough of flight time

Previously, the flight time mainly hinders the drone scene application. Skyhook makes the continuous flight come true. Compared with the consumer level drones, Skyhook uses a suit of power supply unit form the ground with the power transmission system, communication signal and a cable made of fiber that can connect with the cars or other fixed device on the ground. All of those ensure that the drone can be mobile can work continuously.

TATTU is remarkable in the field of battery for drones. The ultra-long flight time, smart battery and protection of low voltage are all the strengths. In the storage, compared with the other battery, the Tattu battery can stop discharging once the voltage reaches 3.5V and self-protect(3s 2200mah lipo).

In addition to the flight time, the perception and identification is another main problem for drones.

There are three measures to realize the perception and identification. First, depend on the extra sensor, the radar, because it is hard for drones to fly safely in the shared areas without people's supervision and control. Second, identify the object by the drone's camera, which need strong computation ability. Finally, a traditional computation, which need the drone designed to identify or escape the threat by the precise computation, and comprehend how the object is identified while moving. Skyhook adopts that carrying different devices such as infrared camera and laser radar 3D scanning topography, and analyzes by the returned images.

No matter which measure, the key is to let drones know their surrounding, which is very helpful, even though the application scenarios are very limited. For example, they can identify whether there is hole on the frozen roads, find the fires while patrolling in the forest, and find the footprints of the missing climbers.

The diversity of application scenarios

For next steps, some company will research how to carry different load to accomplish tasks according to the application scenarios. For example, the forestry has comparatively low automation rate, and the drones can fly for patrol 24 hours instead of labor. Another application scenario that can be imagined is that in the disaster of Tianjin explosion, drones can be used to test the temperature, gas composition and microarticle in the air. Also, with the visible light and infrared camera, it can search the signs of life.

In recent years, drones have been firstly applied in the anti-terrorist, drug control, traffic dispersion, fire-fighting and other safety tasks. The quantity of purchase has been increased. In 2014, the public security organization has purchased more than 60 drones, and until the third season, 2015, the public security organization has purchase over 300 drones, which is five times more than 2014.

Drones have developed dramatically from civil use to commercial use.

Drones also applied in agriculture irrigation. The drones can irrigate 40 times faster than manual irrigation. Using the microwave radar, drones can scan the ground in real time, keep a suitable distance and control the volume of liquid. It can fly 8 meters per second, and cover the crops with liquid evenly. It can switch the mode among fully automatic, half-automatic and manual operation, and has the property of dust protection, waterproof, corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it can fold.

Apart from the agriculture, the traditional geography has taken advantage of the professional drones, such as monitoring weathering, observing the change of river and glacier. The archaeologist and historian are using the drones loaded with common digital cameras to 3c modelling and restore the scene of ancient architecture relics.

The wide range of application brings new trouble for drones. The drones have the characteristics of low altitude, low speed, small objective, so they are hard to supervision, detect and dispose, especially the prevention and control. It need further observation and research that how to regulate this safety factors, since illegal photography or delivering drugs is a countless phenomenon.