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Commonly Used FPV Equipment of Play with FPV Sports

Unless you invest in the right FPV equipment, your experience while taking part in FPV sports may not be the best. Call it video piloting or remote-person view (RPV), but one certain thing is first-person view (FPV) is fast becoming a popular terminology in gaming and sporting. By using special devices or gadgets, a user is able to have a pilot's or driver's view as if inside an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This makes the game more realistic, exciting and challenging. For this kind of view, the following FPV equipment is necessary:

FPV equipment: Camera

The camera provides the views or images of where you are driving or flying through. There are two kinds of cameras: Dedicated FPV and gopro camera. The dedicated type is specifically designed for FPV sport and is usually cheaper and lighter than other types such as the gopro camera. The sense of motion is also better. The gopro camera is suitable for those who are after basic experience and desire to have video/ photo feeds.

FPV equipment:Transmitter

The transmitter is without-a-doubt one of the vital FPV equipments. It wirelessly sends the signals from the transmitter to the receiver. For instance from the ground to the airborne station. The standard transmitter normally transmits at a frequency of 5.8 GHz 25mw. Anything higher may require a special license depending on the region. High-end transmitters have a wide frequency range and are compatible with different types of receivers.

FPV equipment:FPV Battery

To power both the aerial and ground station, it's vital to rely on a source or power/energy. This is delivered via a set or pack of batteries. They make the machine fly or run as well as transmitting and receiving the radio signal. Modern batteries are more advanced, more powerful and also last much longer. Made from LiPo (lithium-ion), the batteries capacity ranges from 1050mah battery to 5000mah. They are also lighter so as to make the UAV lighter, faster and easy to maneuver.


FPV equipment:Antenna

Though it may seem like a basic accessory, the antenna is a vital component in FPV sports. In order to send and receive the radio signals, an antenna or aerial is needed. A high quality type is very sensitive and receptive and ensures minimal drag or signal delay. It's also less-susceptible to distortion or interference from other signals or radio waves. When choosing a product, it pays to focus on the distance of sensitivity, effective radius and diffraction ability.


FPV equipment:Receiver

This component receives the video/image signal from the transmitter. There are different types in the market and each comes with unique specifications. You can go for a separate receiver that is ideally suited for USB capture cards or LCD monitor. There is also a receiver that forms part of the goggles or monitors. In addition to being more compact, this type is also easier to use.

Other notable equipments include the cradle head, video goggles, carrier aircraft, image display memory, extended-range remote control, On Screen Display (OSD), and OSD Modules. When buying the equipment whether glass, screen/display, antennae or FPV battery, it's vital to get original FPV equipment from a reputable source.