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To model airplane pilots:do you really know RC lipo battery?

The batteries is basic of electric model, especially for the model plane. More than 20 years have passed, power battery has a big development,NIMI battery, LIPO battery have also enter the stage of model airplane. Gens ace that has more than 10 years of battery industry to share the RC lipo battery development brief history.

1.what is the power battery

As the engine model by motor is called electric model,and the battery for make the motor work is power battery. They have great different with the other uses of the battery,it is very important for model airplanes' performance.

2.The type of the power battery and the development profiles

There are many kinds of batteries for using the electric model airplane, such as solar batteries, silver-zinc batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, NI-MH batteries and so on. For the solar battery output current is small, so must have done large area to make the electric model plane fly, and cost expensive, thus few takers. Silver-Zinc battery has high specific energy, large current discharge ability is very strong, but the battery lifespan is short, and expensive, easy leakage, don't fall, so nobody cares. At present, the use popular batteries are nickel serial batteries and new type lithium batteries on model airplane.

In 1970, the electric model plane has became popular in the Europe and United States countries, the mainly due to the NI-cd battery that have strong and repeated charge and discharge has been into practical application promotion and mass production stage at that time. However, in the early 21st century, NI-MH battery performance is better than Ni-cd battery, with it has small memory effect, less pollution to environment, it has been widely used in model aircraft power,became one of the mainstream varieties.

Lithium battery is used as a disposable batteries at early, it doesn't discharge, and has high specific energy, but it has big internal resistance, therefore unable to provide a big current to make the electric model plane fly. But by the end of last century, we have been able to provide a rechargeable lithium battery, but at that time, lithium battery is more expensive, and the ability of discharge is only barely make the model plane level flight.

At early stage, the study lithium battery is mainly for military, and later in the civil aspect, people gave more attention to its and investment under the huge economic interest. So at the end of 20th century and the early of 21st century has make the breakthrough progress. At present, lithium battery has been used in area such as cellphones, cameras, laptop computers eliminated NI-Cd battery and Ni-Mh battery. The lithium battery used in RC model plane promotion still in recent years. At first, the hobbyist try to use lithium battery of mobile phone put on RC plane to make fly, and obtained the flight time is longer than the NI-Cd battery. Then, it has attracted the battery and model of two industries manufactures. After the lithium battery and model together soon, the lipo battery in the large current discharge ability showed a stronger, more suitable for the aviation model, thus the lipo battery grow into the mainstream variety in RC model aircraft. According to the long term development, model aircraft power battery from now on will be quite a long period of time of RC lipo battery.