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How to Prevent UAV Battery from Exploding?

Lithium ion polymer battery, also called lithium battery is the best choice of consumer UAV. Compared with the model and weight of the cells themselves, its energy density is pretty high, each cell voltage usually is 3.7 volts, so you only need less battery to get more energy than other rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery discharging rate is slow, charging takes a long time.

But use and recharge lithium battery inappropriately, will make the working performance get worse, even causes smoking and burning. In so to avoid UAV battery explode, or make the battery to the best performance use longer, need some necessary common sense. The following Gens ace &Tattu will give some tips are about how to use lithium battery.

Charge the Battery Properly

Use the proper charger to lipo battery and make sure the charger in accord with the battery model. When the battery connects charge, check the device connectivity or whether the battery pins connect fully. Don't leave the charging devices and must be sure not to charge on the surface of inflammable substances, no combustibles around it. In case of fire, fire will spread easily. Recommend using special fireproof lipo battery(3S battery), battery pack, this can control the fires.

Neither too Much or too Little Power

Each battery charging never exceeds 4.2 volts or discharging exceeds 3 volts. In both of these cases, may cause the damage battery permanently. If the battery expands in the process of using or recharging, this shows that the battery has already damaged and can't be used.

Safe Savings

For security, lithium battery should be best stored at room temperature, put in metal box or lithium battery fireproof container. If you will not use a fully charged battery few days, so when placed, must keep the battery power in 40% and each month need to charge and discharge the battery.

Avoid High Temperate and Cold

Extreme temperatures will affect battery performance and life. When you charge, ensure charge at the room temperate. Don't charge in the cold garage or basement. Don't charge in direct sunlight or near heat. When you charge or use lithium battery, be sure charge at the room temperature. If the battery runs out, ensure battery cool down before recharge.

Keep Battery Clean

When the UAV battery getting dirty will affect battery performance. Keep UAV battery compartments and battery connector clean. If battery contact becomes dirty, use soft brush to clean.

Long and Healthy Life Cycle

Lithium battery can use 300 to 500 charge cycles, this depends on the usage frequency of UAV, battery quality and how to maintain. If you only use battery a few cycles and then stop working, this means that these batteries have been damaged, have had defects or poor quality, suggest you stop using it at once.