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Wearable Battery Is Used In Children’s Smart Shoes

In addition to traditional shoe enterprises, companies in the field of smart shoes, such as Nike, Adi, Li Ning. There are also startups and Internet giants such as Tencent, Baidu, and Xiaomi. It’s an eye-opening market for companies to compete in, and wearable battery will have a place in it.

Children's smart shoes, to build an all-round protection network that protects children's safety and health. Dynamically push the child’s real-time location to jointly monitor the child’s safety and health.

Baidu, 361 — children positioning shoes

In 2015, 361 and Baidu launched four smart children’s shoe products, with the main function of anti-loss. Intelligent children’s shoes introduced Baidu Hawkeye technology, with Baidu map LBS platform open service, with positioning monitoring function, Baidu Hawkeye’s WIFI positioning function fundamentally solves the problem that other children’s anti-lost products cannot be located indoors, sweeping away blind spots. When the child inadvertently leaves the scope of supervision, the first time will be reminded.

This wearable battery uses wireless charging technology. The wearable battery can be charged simply by placing the shoe on a specific charging pad.

In addition, 361 smart children’s shoes will also combine Baidu trajectory monitoring with Baidu’s big data, which can monitor the child's physical condition at any time, and upload the data to Baidu Health Cloud daily, according to the scientific plan of the Million Children's Health Database in Health Cloud. The child is tailored to the most professional health guidance.

Li Ning, Tencent – QQ IOT children's smart positioning shoes

In 2016, Li Ning teamed up with Tencent QQ IOT to launch a children's smart running shoe. The built-in Bluetooth and chip are sealed inside the sole and can be bound to the parent’s mobile QQ before use. By locating the location of the mobile phone QQ user and indirectly obtaining the approximate location of the lost child, the child is found lost and the child is retrieved.

The biggest highlight of this product is that its wearable battery does not need to be charged for half a year, and it can maintain the duration of more than half a year under the premise of achieving the positioning function.

Its built-in has a large number of QQ user bases, using low-power Bluetooth so that the shoes will broadcast a unique Bluetooth signal to the surrounding. In the mobile phone QQ, users who have opened the “Join the search for lost children project” and turned on the Bluetooth option have felt these signals when approaching these smart shoes.

Looking forward to the future

In view of the fact that the traditional footwear industry is already saturated, “transformation and upgradin” has become the keyword for the development of the industry. The market for the wearable battery is also evolving.

Other wearable battery requirements, including battery life, capacity, etc., can be met. The wearable battery produced by Grepow have been applied to smart shoes produced by Fortune 500 companies!

It is believed that with the continuous accumulation of market technology and the completion of the ecological layout, more smart products with innovative and technological charm will emerge in the near future, which will become the fuse of the next round of enterprise transformation.